Exercise 5 – Meeting People

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Should the passage fail to load, you can refer to this version below.

Making Friends

Another great thing about travel is you will have the opportunity to meet new friends who are maybe fellow travellers, or even locals. There are some few steps that can help you make friends during your travel period or even before.The best way to make friends when travelling is to stay in a hostel or a dormitory. This is a great place to meet people as you will share a large room with a lot of people. It is a fair deal to leave all your fanciness of living in a posh hotel and trade it with meeting new friends as you will be surprised at what kind of people you will be meeting.Another way is to hang out at the hostel lounge. People will gather here to meet new friends and share stories. You can even plan your next trip here as you listen to the places others have been to. You can get lots of insights and tips about travelling here as you listen to others’ experiences.Join activities as you go travelling. Instead of getting new experience, you will get lots of new friends. Common grounds and common interests have always brought people together.The most important thing when travelling is not to be too shy as it would not get you anywhere. Instead, your travel will be a boring one as you only go out and just seeing things. People say that seeing is believing but, experience is the best teacher. In order to experience, you have to communicate. There’s a saying in Malay language “Malu bertanya sesat jalan.” which means “You will get lost for not asking”.

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