Teacher’s Guide

This blog is created with the thought of helping travellers in their communication with people when going out travelling in ,omd. in order to achieve this aim, there are some basic lessons on how to communicate with people for example, how to ask and greet people, and the tips on being polite.

Instead of just using this blog as a help during travelling, teachers can also use this blog in English language lesson. This blog can be used to teach simple conversations, politeness, travel vocabularies, as well as prepositions. Simple conversations, politeness, and travel vocabularies can be found throughout the blog. Preposition can be found in the “Reading Maps” section.

Lesson Plan

Teachers can use this “Simple Survival English for Tourists – fun and great holidays for all” program to teach basic conversational English skills.

There are sections in this package that cater for certain topics and items. The first lesson, “At The Airport” cater for simple greetings and basic WH-questions. Airport vocabularies are also included under this section. Another thing that can be learnt from this section is the etiquette in airports. For this section, the exercise focuses on the vocabularies used in airports.

The second section, “Crashing Down” provides vocabularies on hotel and tourism. This section also teach how to make reservations. The exercise on hotel reservation is included under this section.

The “Reading Maps” section teaches learners on how to read maps and prepositions. There are two exercises included under this section which are the “Reading Maps” exercise and the “Getting To Places” exercise. The first exercise focuses on the vocabulary while the second focused on preposition of place.

The fourth lesson in this package, “At The Restaurant” focused on the basic interactions at restaurants. A list for waiter’s and customers’ interactions is prepared under this section.  Tips on dining is also included here. The exercise focuses on a dialogue between a waiter and customers.

The last section, the “Making Friends” simply provide tips on how to mingle and make friends with people during travel. The exercise under this section focus on the comprehension of students on the provided text.

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