At The Airport

Travelling by air planes has become common nowadays as there are lots of low fare airlines companies everywhere. Airport is the hub where planes land and takeoff. People from over the world gather here.

Important words and phrases at the airport.

First of all, let’s start with greeting people. We can always use these words and phases to approach people:

– Hi

– Excuse me

– Can you help me?

Note that these words and phrases can also be used at any places and are not restricted to only at the airport.

These standard etiquette does not change where ever we are. So when ever and where ever we meet people, do say “please” and say “thank you”. We can also use other politeness strategies when communicating with others across cultures as different cultures have different ways of communicating.

You can refer to this page (click here) for more airport etiquette.

Another thing to know at the airport is the layout. Knowing the layout and the functions of each zone and what is in it will really help you upon being in the airport. Below is the standard layout which can be found in the airport.

airort layout

Design of a terminal, showing the Departures (upper half of page) and Arrivals levels. 1. Departures Lounge. 2. Gates and jet bridges. 3. Security Clearance Gates. 4 Baggage Check-in. 5. Baggage Carousels

(Image credit to wikipedia) (Click on the image to enlarge)

There are 2 major zones in an airport which are pre-security and post security zones.  In the pre-security zone, you will find check-in counters and shops. In the post security zone, there are duty-free shops (you can save a lot here!) retail stores and restaurants, airport lounges, airport customs, and baggage claims post.

For more tips for travellers, click here.


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