Crashing Down

When you go travelling, it is important to have a place to crash after a day long journey. There are lots of options to choose ranging from hotels (if you have a big budget for your trip), hostels, homestays, rest houses, to even capsules ( yes, they have capsules in Japan!).

However, not all lodgings are the same. You have to consider what you want and does the place meet your requirement before booking a lodging. You can read reviews on the place all over the net.

To help you choose the right accommodation, here are some descriptions on types of lodgings:

– Hotel

Guests can have a private room when crashing down in a hotel. The rate varies as they range from basic to luxurious accommodation. httpgettothepoints.netp=45

(Image credit to: http://gettothepoints.netp=45)

– Hostel

Usually a low cost form of accommodation. Guests share a room or a dormitory with others.


Hostel in Japan


(Image credit to:

– Guest house

Guesthouses provide hotel style rooms in residences. Guests will interact with each other and the host and often have meals together and share the common spaces. httpgoindia.about.comodphotostraveloguesigSpiti-PhotosNorling-Guest-House-Kibber.htm

(Image credit to:

– Capsules

This is another form of cheap accommodations popular in Japan. Capsule hotels provide guests with the so-called capsules which are really small space that enables people to crawl in and sit in it. They also provide radios and television in capsules for most cases. httpwww.dealbase.comblogworlds-weirdest-hotels-top-5-most-wacky-hotels-across-the-globe (Image credit to: (Adapted from:

To make your traveling days easier, you have to be sure that you have a place to stay. So make sure you have made your reservation before going out to travel.  When making a reservation, be sure on the place, date, and time, as well as the cost. If you are travelling abroad, things that you have to be aware of would be:

a) The time difference between your current place and the place you are travelling to. (Note the TIME and DATE!)

b) The exact location of the place. (you can always search the direction using GPS or simple just by using Google Maps)

c) The currency and the exchange rates.

Here are some links that can help you book your accommodation:

For more tips and information, you can click here.


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