At The Restaurant

Another way to enrich your travel experience is through food. Indulging the food gives you more understanding on the culture and the people of the place that you are visiting.


These are the common conversational phrases taking place at restaurants:


The waiter

What can I do for you?
Can I help you?
Can I take your coat?
Have you booked a table?
How many are you?
Would you follow me, please?
Can I take your order, sir/madam?
What would you like to start with?
What would you like to drink?
What would you like for dessert?
How would you like your steak? (rare, medium, well done)
Do you want a salad with it?
What kind of dressing?
Anything to drink?
Do you want a dessert?
The burgers are very good.
Sorry, the hamburgers are off.
Is everything all right?
Did you enjoy your meal?


Are you paying together?
May I show you to a table?
If you wait, there’ll be a table for you free in a minute.
Do you want vegetables with it?
Why don’t you try the pizza?
It’ll take about 20 minutes.

The guest:


A table for two, please.

May we sit at this table?
The menu, please.
What’s on the menu?
Do you want fish?
What’s Irish Stew like?
We’re not ready yet.
The steak for me, please.
Can you bring me the ketchup, please?
A salad, please.
I’ll have the same.
That’s all, thank you.
Can I have the bill (AE: check), please?
This is on me.
Here you are.
The rest is for you.
Have you got wine by the glass?
I’d prefer red wine.
Please bring us another beer.
Could I have chips (AE: French Fries) instead of salad?
What can you recommend?
Please bring me the bill (AE: check) with my coffee.
I think you’ve made a mistake.

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It is also important that you have knowledge on the local foods as there are sometimes restrictions on food that travellers can consume for example, religious restrictions, and the suitability of the food with the body.

There are religious restrictions on foods to consume in certain religions. For example, Muslims cannot consume any products of pork, and any meat which is not slaughtered according to the religion’s rule. They also cannot consume liquor and any products that can contains alcoholic substances. The followers of Hinduism cannot consume meat (cow), and vegetarian do not consume any meat.

Knowing the local food could also help in maintaining health while travelling. There are regions that favor spicy food and sometimes too spicy for the body could tolerate should a person is not used to the dish. This could lead to inconvenience while travelling. So know what you can consume and be wise when trying out foods.

You can try visiting this site for some insights on food and travel:

For more tips and help, click here.


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